by G.A.

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This is G.A.'s set from the "BLACKOUT" secular rally hosted by Black Nonbelievers & Black Atheists of America


released August 1, 2013



all rights reserved


G.A. New York, New York

G.A. (Gifted Anomaly) is an emcee hailing from New York City and Durham, North Carolina. He began writing lyrics at the age of nine and his love for the practice never subsided. A self proclaimed “Hood Nerd” and complete information whore, he has a unique style that blends a vast vocabulary, intricate wordplay and complicated rhyme schemes seamlessly. ... more

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Track Name: BLACKOUT
Next one to preach to me, gonna make me Blackout.

jesus be peaceful is a misnomer/ the son of the father/ came wit a katana/ ya honor/ who is that justice to/ maybe if you/ zimmerman you could trust this dude to stand ground for you/ but I can't and I won't pray to fake saint/ jc littered wit mad taint/ burn for forever for using the organ thats lettin' me think/ ya reasons a skate in an overfilled hot ice rink/ it sinks/ double U-T-F is this/ pandemic we witness to/ invisible to witless fools/ I insist you dudes tape ya eyes open/ I'm hoping you listen and knowing you won't/ stay wildin/ when I turn the subject to you stay frowning/ you hoping I'm missing knowing I won't/ ray allen/ ya reasoning is bruce bowen D stay fouling/ you paper chasing hustling three spots/ and I'm in a book learning bout russell's teapot/ we are not the same pinky/ I'm a brain/ never break under strain/ succinctly throwing loops to ya/ brain/ yahweh the same/ is that pot of tea flying around jupiter/ just saying/ you can't disprove that/ move back/ debate this brother you'll lose that black/ automatic KO when I'm on the attack/ pray wrong or to the wrong god/ and yahweh steppin' in/ but didn't have one issue when lot's daughters slept with him/ for you to listen/ they're insistent/ then get super pissed when you point out that their god is inconsistent/ spit logical meth/ outta my breath/ until my death/ I promise/ I'm here to astonish/ ya mind wit reason thats freeing to me/ I'm also here to silence a deity/ swimming in visions of him pleading me/ jesus crying on his knees hoping/ that I don't banish him to the bad place hoboken/ If he was actually real that wouldn't be enough for him/ I'd add to that last line a pit of republicans/ the epitome of suffering/ stuck to him/ and his closest kin/ rope him in wit logical prose doses thats toastin him/ more accurately synonymous with immolate/ send the so called king of peace to his sinners fate/ Grand master son never beginner weight/ I'm beast on the mic and this here is a dinner date/ gorging on ya sires hate/ annihilate ya pantheon of ethereal demagogues/ battling me is deadpool vs chedder bob/ these lyrics in jesus christos ears are decryagogues/ I'm pointing at heavens with a mac out/ if this is bad behavior I'm the czar of the act out/ I'm a perfect target never backout/ I double dog dare your messiah to come fight me son then I blackout///
Track Name: Johnny 5
Hello all my name is G.A. I'm a junkie self control I lack/ I'm hooked been conditioned from first contact/ and no one applause please ya'll hold that/ I ain't here get clean sobriety's wack/ actually I need know who here got a pack/ mail it to me in a tough package so it arrives in intact/ no shame in my game nah screw that/ I'm actually quite proud that I freebase facts/

(chorus) I need more... Information I'm a junkie whore/ I need more/

I need more calculus classes I'm starting to twitch/ these differential equations are making me itch/ without my mind hurts/ I'm mad kick pups world class jerk/ outside Dr. Tyson's office I lurk/


I need more info on how that laser at nif works/ it's been too long without a hit/ my attitude terse/ I need a shot/ there may be particles that travel in reverse/ yea that hits the spot/ abstaining the worst/


I need more info to continue stack words/ are alternate universes where time travels backwards/ just one of the things I try decipher/ in cypher/ incite a/ riot inside ya/ mind what I'm for/


I need more mass time the speed of light to second power/ without that humanity will meet its final hr/ I need more of this nectar its making my blood sing/ the constituents of everything/ just may be a string/


I need more reasons to refrain from punching politicians/ I need more tactics to try to get these people to listen/ I need more data on how the sun works/
when trying to fuse iron/ watch leviathan starburst/


I need more empirical evidence for your claims/ religion and science are not the same/ inhaling data let it dance on my brain/ I'm mesmerized by knowledge like a moth to a flame/


I need more information on the higgs field/ is it the e eighth lei group affecting all quantum fields/ discovered the boson does that line make sense still/ I spiting trying to increase my physical skills/


I need more information I gotta stay on course/ more research funding lets study the strong force/ I need more people without knowledge fear/ I want to build a dyson sphere/


i need more information on pauli's principle/ Is it true energy bursts affecting my whole crew/ the charge never settled/ electrons jumping energy levels/ simply from me setting fire to metal/


I need more logical rational discourse/ more atheists thats reasonable or course/ no more doubling down on ya viewpoints boss/ or we'll continue down this path of catching a loss///
Track Name: God (Produced by Jay Bee)
what is god to me regress ad infinitum/ malevolent homocidal sadistic individual/ don't believe automatically/ you a enemy/ a psychopath with serial killer tendencies/ and invisible/ your smallest transgression is critical/ he's coming down under the name of yahweh than he's killing you/ and if next time he's posing as the son of the father/ you will spend eternity in lava/ and thats just for starters/ at a minimum a toddler with too many powers/ a pierson's puppeteer hiding in the sky coward/ a master con artist who never loses and still sour/ he's more obnoxious than a douchebag with a portal/ evidence he's the antithesis of moral/ homophobic evil misogynist and immortal/ clearly not omnibenevolent/ I implore you/ why pray if thats the representation of heaven sent/ bent you must be/ to drown the world unjustly/ for not making it right when you supposed perfect/ god is capo of derp set/ a universe made for us and most of it is death threats/ he sends constantly if we don't play wit jesus/ what did we do deserve this and it seem he'll never ease up/ the negatives against his character just increases/ I'm always stunned how could anybody believe this/ monster is the ultimate good/ I really wish you would have the gumption to tell me/ I deserve excruciating pain for eternity/ man pease I tell that infant logic bye bye/ and do I/ even have talk about allah/ nah ya'll already know/ another diety cool wit that pedophhile flow/ another diety who followers are quick a blow/ a gasket/ blow up a building put you in casket/ manic cuz skeptical bout their god imaginary friend/ gnome magical rabbit/ does it really matter dagnabit/ hold it together son/ don't lose it they'll be idiots forever son/ ok I'm back/ where was I at/ that's right god anger attack/ I want ever year my people suffered in slavery back/ how could mr perfect ever be cool with that/ what is he to me target death note heart attack/ exsanguination all of that/ no respect he's tim tebow playing quarterback/ honestly to me he's really powerless/ so I'ma just do what I do best/ to me he' fred phelpss with an iQ test/ a hiker without a bag/ a homophobe dressing drag/ he really makes no damn sense/ so I'm asking what you scared bout/ mathematically he probably cancels himself out/ all of gods are inept/ as bounty hunter boba fett/ and they still managed to get half the globe over pet/ a logic that'll never connect/ a blind bus driver hoping to never wreck/ seriously he's just a another silly ass bet/ and his grand-prize prolly a null set/
Track Name: Ecstatic
ts time to kick bombs to explode all in ya mind/ I'm bringing back the golden age one more time/ while serving up knowledge/ this black though inspired humanist savage bite/ like version of me goin outta my mind on da mic/ broclic bucket I got opposite the sign of the today times/ give a black catholic a reason to have ashes on they slave mind/ I'm silly as h e double sticks theres children in audience/ get upon the topic quick/ asked that moral black christian about leviticus/ sick book that you never do read/ and you livid me at me cause Immolate it with ease/ just ashes in breeze/ but please explain 25: 40 through 46/ thought you got off please/ I'm a rabid dog with a bone I'm never getting letting go of vick/ basically says slaves gods ok with it/ and you love it/ is reality betraying me/ can't enough of jesus/ a slave that loves slavery/ might as well call em swedish/ forget that/ happy I'm an skeptic love logic and facts/ If you can feel that//

(Chorus) WAVE! hands up....

Irate rational spit irrational attacks/ my lyrics resembling quantum facts/ I'll leave you red scarred/say that you know a jesus theist I know a Debgod/ that'll step on ya dead god/ without moving moving one minute arc/ dearly depart irrational talk/ with eerily sharp prose/ god quick to make you doubt it/ question us stay on our toes/ its almost like we thought about it/ try to slay us with this pretense you on defense/ what are you blind this tactic ain't even recent/ developed the same tactic at ya nearest corrupt precinct/ sincerely think/ before throwing a pebble at a sentient tank/ if you ain't/ a genius and you can easily figure this out//


wait wait wait
buckle up stop it/ we still only in stage two of this rocket/ but honestly my energy is high while bumpin in this cockpit/ I'm elated I'll always have the tools to be a skeptic/ aight yea I fell ya we can't help it//


back on the prowl/ mic and a scowl/ lyrical stature micheal clark duncan in green mile/ lips curl mean smile/ predatory style/ leanin/ ironic I'm sadistic vicious lyrical demon/ stow ya righteousness son you don't know the half of two / a massive amount work/ it only seems supernatural/ type to think ms cleo's actions is factual/ not a false reality delivered tactical/ I can't call it / ya reasoning is appalling/ this planet sometimes I really do want off it/ magical thinking and ignorance pouring out of the faucet/ if you never gave a pretty penny to dion warrick//


ya'll can keep that death cult dog its all boring/ eating a body drinking some blood to me is revolting/ je'sus yahweh allah I won't fall for it/ life without living a lie I'm all for it//

Track Name: Prayers and Pasta
just to start jews christians muslims been feeding you lies/ yahweh lie/ jesus lie/ allah lie lie lie... lies/ I have the one true word of god and I promise its wise/ chill you haven't heard this one before just try it on for size/ don't start shaking your heads got a word for you atheist guys/ you can't disprove what I say this you do in fact realize/ why don't you all believe evidence say you need more/ I look you in your eyes then the beautiful sky/ as mines drops the floor/more data more science more reason more logic/ bunch of fracking moreholics/ have faith in truth what I tell you is this/ I've had a personal experience god gave me a gift/ Well if you know the word ain't truer than this/ my god is wielding the most miraculous gifts/ he can heal the lame/ restore your brain and bless any dish/ know for a fact his body and blood goes quite well with some fish/ It would do you some well to get in touch with his excellence/ I'm compelled the to the whole world no selfishness with this/ he can heal your soul poverty helplessness with a kiss/ tell me have you been blessed by his noodliness/

He sent his son linguini/ to boil solely for you/ evidence you're wanting from me/ when I know that its true/ you laughing and clowning me/ while I'm praying for you/ I'm dearly trying to save your soul from that boiling bowl of ragu///

thats why I pray to my spaghetti every day/ pray to my spaghetti every.../

He sent his son linguini/ to boil solely for you/ evidence you're wanting from me/ when I know that its true/ you laughing and clowning me/ while I'm praying for you/ I'm dearly trying to save your soul from that boiling bowl of ragu///

thats why I pray to my spaghetti every day/ pray to my spaghetti every.../

Now learning his word is not hard/ in the beginning was the word and that word was arrgh/ what is this/ question you asking its /straight from piraticus/ 13-7/ its true /can't accept it no pasta heaven/ for you/ want a chance to get in come see me/ repent say twenty fettuccine's/ thirty nine rigatoni's/ forty bake ziti's/ boil forever if don't believe me/ cursed you are if don't recieved the/ one and only/ god/ pain for eternity/ dog/ tear ducts boil while you crying in a fog/ think of an super over charred meatball/ aww yea thats you/ who's forehead now sports a meat tattoo/ see it mirror want to eat that too/ all in an ocean of bubbling ragu/ so yea what you going to do/ when this is presented to you and your crew/ will you take the same road as fools do/ talk that atheism voodoo/ judaic-christian doo doo/jainist better be painless too/ talk that deepak chakra quasi quantum pseudo blah blah moo moo/ lose your soul too/ take lane the smart do/ let your stomach guide you/ to his holy noodle


Now to accept his noodle into your core/ to be able to find peace in the midst of a war/ to never hate lassagna whats wrong wit you boy/ bow down drop to the floor/ and say

Our Father
Who art in orbit round Ramen 324/
Hallowed be thy Noodly Appendage
Thy Pasta al dente Thy Sauce be done/ nice and warm toasty under your sun/
On earth as it is on dishes thats done/
Give us this day our daily meatball
And forgive us our diets we know we can't eat all/ but man its good finger lickin/ As we forgive those that eat fried chicken/
lead us not to starvation/ lord bless this first world nation/
But please deliver us from tofu/ one direction five toed shoes/ and you know who/ from comin/ For thine is the Meatballs Pasta Sauce Now and forever