The Manhattan District

by G.A.

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released April 28, 2013



all rights reserved


G.A. New York, New York

G.A. (Gifted Anomaly) is an emcee hailing from New York City and Durham, North Carolina. He began writing lyrics at the age of nine and his love for the practice never subsided. A self proclaimed “Hood Nerd” and complete information whore, he has a unique style that blends a vast vocabulary, intricate wordplay and complicated rhyme schemes seamlessly. ... more

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Track Name: Hiroshima
Ayo Sit back relax while I search for that unisonic melodic/ go ahead and fire that chronic/ now lets be honest I know you sick of that trash/ so off blast I’m quick to get it they ass/ and spit a lyric colonic/ to me this is a sport hip-hop the beautiful phonics/ and if I ain’t yet its king than I’m its greatest Adonis/ I promise/ to astonish my tongue is sharper than diamond cut stone/ either or onyx I’m prone/ and taking aim at your dome/ I’ll have you failing quick/ my spit game is like the sound guns on whaling ships/ spit a shitty verse at me I’ll have you wailing quick/ sailor sick/ never spare them spit I split them wit’ with the flare of Vick/ prepare them quick/ Harbringer of death I’m studying and mastering/ the networking tendencies of pathogens/ yea I know I’m on some other shit/ rarely on that clubbing shit/ rarely on that double-mint clone pop and bubble spit/ rarely on that fear me super thug/ impervious to slugs/ clearly I’m merely just a dreamer when most minds are focused on rims measuring 2-4/ my mind is floating somewhere between europa and Io/ with countless monoliths/ pondering the multiverse and all acknowledgements/ selectrons and gravitons promises promises/ timelessness is what I aim for/ to stay raw/ display all skills acquired along the path its flame on/ fools know G.A. strong/ with his gift/ when I was nine years old my caliber was four fifth/ youngest nigga in the cipher leaving them all stiff sore/ when they styles was piss poor/ drown them in lyric liquor/ flip the style like parkour/ running the game/ Olympic frame/ in brain Usain/ running with flames/ burnt up rappers in the trauma unit Naga to blame/ persona non Naga never not a Naga been tamed/ I’m proof in the booth I get loose like baby teeth peep the lunatic creep/ the aspie he never sleeps/ straight to hell I’ll send ya/ without guide or defender/ the avatar no defeating the last air bender/ prepare them all for sun down or Set up/ I’m fed up the plan is to stomp they necks never let up/ you local emcees best bet get your bread up/ then stick your head up/ watch me land/ with Jedi’s? No Na’vi clans?/ No this is prophecy planned?/ No heaven in hand?/ No you ain’t stopping that man/ though matter fact got a ratchet better get to popping me kin folk/ but I got a team for when you bitch niggas try to Impede me/ them Spartans they would have failed without General Archimedes/ so how dare theses niggas think that they could perceive the/ process of G.A. when they only see in 3D/ fool exsqueeze me/ your whole focus got a problem/ I got you jumping through hoop in a flaming pole slalom/ solemn pledge long live the fifth column/ warrior till I perish/ knowledge is what I cherish/ half nephile part seraph?/ No giant in the game with the word of god? Naw never/ severed my ties to fiction to the letter/ I am a fact peddling/ indelible gargantuan abattoir not settling/ for venom and smut/ you selling to the children you fucks/ you sucks/ fallics in italics/ in bold you tossing salads/ with passion to Elton John ballads/ I’m smashing through all barriers used to confuse/ my thought patterns is already twisted used to the views/ I’m caught fathoming some wicked wishing using pistols/ no exaggerate a little more lets make it missiles/ nuclear war skulls with the power of Sol/ G dot A dot this fool is cold/ you know furious man nile river tribe Sirius/ leaving them all delirious/ wishing that they could mirror this/ Gifted Anomaly/ but honestly/ prognosis is these niggas can’t rhyme with me/ time to flood the game with more and more rhyming me/ till the end of my primacy/ whether it be violently or silently over/ Un or Hypernova/ don’t understand my words by my lyric decoder/ I’m lit from a far star so my power is solar/ G dot A dot Sigi Tolo to Sol Soldier// Stop it. That one will catch up to you later on. “Yup”(C-Gats)…
Yo I’m passionate wit/ linguistical lasso rocket disaster spit/ primed to release an inferno I’m devouring all your prophesies/ you can’t escape my wake I’m an epic singularity/ ain’t no stopping me/ I’m a future chip with a dedicated universe staring me/ fuck mars my vision is Gliese 581 D/ and I’m yielding the heat I’m speaking/ until I’m reaching/ escape velocity/ my adversaries I’m never stressing them/ I’m just concentrating on lyrically checking them/ they cross the line I consume delicatessen them/ grab these infants shake them out existence I’m etch-a-sketching them/ living legend demolition derby driver wrecking them/ unlicensed colonic with a catholic priest blessing them/ I’ll spit so many bars my head improbably morphs to equestrian/ fortune 500 business on the block invest in him/ no I ain’t hear for shining/ I’m clearly ahead of them/ metronome you can set your heart to my rhyming/ while I’m preparing them/ to swallow this acid fuck your stomach lining tearing your ocular lenses out a face I’m lyrically blinding/ tat my logo across your face so all your business I’m mining/ you can spit for years and I promise you still won’t outshine him/ you can search for a billion years and your skill can’t find him/ cause my bar count measures beyond the light horizon/ beyond the greatest luminous expansion of space-time and/ the next nigga to diss clear and simply just amateur/ filled to capacity with fantasy visions of grandeur/ delusional reverie/ no clearly they ain’t ahead of the echelon I’m living on my spitting pedigree/ is deadly like the seven human vices/ fuck fighting fair fuck fire throw a solar flare twice at the next neurotypical claiming he’s nicest/ stat fire squeeze/ tune out the pleas/ of these claim they sicker cat emcees/ king of the savannah meet black murder lurking in the trees/ alpha ain’t the word for me I’m an agitated aggressive mutant Mr. Mistoffelees/ Bronx born Bull City raised raging beast no I ain’t gonna stoke you/ if you Batman nigga I’m Goku/ you know what I’m Saiyajin/ I ain’t playing/ if you stabbing I’m clapping/ if you’re Superman I’m whatever it takes to kill Dr. Manhattan/ Optimus Prime slapping a child/ fouler than Kelly Bundy sleeping with Al/ fouler than anybody sleeping with Alf/ wilder than juggling a dozen grenades in your house/ fouler than creating a life form without sanity/ calamity John/ strapped up with a dirty bomb/ destroying the third heavenly body from a solar storm/ ratchet up to nova form/ lyrically kill Voltron/ ignite all challengers from outside/ make them perish like Sally Ride/ none of the niggas claiming they’re competition is spitting/ pride is what they’re lacking and they’re vocabs is whittling/ to these silly ass tunes these layman simpletons spitting/ to me most niggas is toddlers on tricycles I’m pistons/ tender baby meat meet internal combustion engine/ twisting your chemical composition/ whenever the feeling strikes catalyze a conniption/ from rabid venomous spit/ just for the purposes of giggles an shits/ they too tight wishing they never spitted/ that should have been acquitted/ for 25 to life ridiculous/ how could they be addicted/ to this piss puss/ poisonous they’re dissing us/ disinterested I must be to cluck speak/ dusty their books be/ if paper grew hair their dictionaries would look like Wookies/ or my mans daughters blue best friend who’s not real and addicted to cookies/ looky fucking here/ I ain’t here for peddling gear/ just flat line careers/ puncture niggas dreams like an infant’s ears/ quick and painless/ pitch this banger to your brain anus/ and I don’t give a fuck if your famous/ or not I harbor intent to yoke you/ niggas critically choke you/ I’m tearing your ass apart like the last condom I broke through/ concocting noxious brew/ in my saliva glands/ weaponized nerve agent constantly bombing your land/ damn you can’t fuck with I/ or duck my double I’s/ when My targets acquired/ high I’m guaranteed to be when you died/ lie I promise you will/ spew desperation a swill/ swear and promise to kill/ nigga its useless/ I’m spitting like I miss a toofis ;)/ brutus lyrically brolic I’m here to murk you/ proof is in the Cosby commercial/ curse you?/ never critical thinker Nikola Tesla/ until you critical arrest then dip with your chedder/ yep better yet collect/ incinerate and jet who’s next/ my greatest wish is for you to flex/ Lexx chew them they say pressure burst pipes well since I’m human/ I’m assuming/ I got a valve to release all these Revolver Ocelots that I’m consuming/ fuming you are like a humidifier/ its hot under your collar/ baller so why dare bother/ a death harbringer/ prone to spit up agent orange for/ no particular reason you’re modeling for coroners/ foreigner to swaggerific/ attack with intricate algorithmic/ cosmic power when I spit or/ skewer you with pitchforks/ rich thoughts/ got you sicker than viscous septic thick pork/ or a patient on house’s thick board/ or a nigga guzzling duck butter from a thick broad/ or a man who saw his chill cut down from a four four/ raw shit I deliver/ straight to your liver/ to lyrically kill your will for occupying your epidermal villa/ nigga you better pick a better target/ I’m a petroleum oven with a broken pilot light don’t spark it/ a self induced vacuum no Higgs field spit starship/ guzzle plasma flowing from my ass taste star shit/ I dearly depart quick/ all you niggas that’s acting super hyper/ claiming you uber lyricist lounge lifers/ well where your wings at pseudo dragon spit your fire/ while citing tomes of epic fiction saliva liars/ I’m phonetically structuring empires/ my poetic diction sharper than a patch of briar/ I expire exothermic reactions that’ll melt your trucks tires/ I’m inspired like a weak emcee that’s printing a million flyers/ and I have no masters so no beings are called sire/ so blessed be the flyest of the mic snipers/ the silent-scope writers/ to toss the next priest prior/ in the fire/ friar tuck should duck low/ low luck fuck no/ no luck make them all uncomfortable/ up in my presence/ pissed I see/ these peasants be/ of my lyrical prolixity/ spit over the fucking top every single time I he/ A-R an orchestration worthy of my blood and logolepsy alethiology/ with no apologies/ prophesies are self induced/ you heard it first from the euphonious recluse/ pass capital asap produce/ proof uninhibited cannon loose/ donkey kong banana boost/ proliferator of peace but never one to call a truce/ these sentences I’m penning/ got them spinning/ like maverick an goose/ never give up never surrender when the cannons juiced/ ain’t know stagnating banner comma bruce/ when the hulk is loose/ out his cage/ and I’m inside of my right mind when I’m teeming with rage/ at these fools that ya’ll let get on my stage/ you hear my laughter/ at your mic disasters/ analogous to car crashes/ I’m that nigga you shouldn’t spit after/ a microphone harasser/ rhythmic poetic master/ powered from my heart tony stark arc reactor/ avert your breath and gaze son watch who you barking at sir/ spit magic till you vanish a heathen causing a rapture/ capture your mind/ configured rhymes/ put fear in the blind/ liberate your brain Waco style towed behind my lines/ your cranium split by strong arm behind a nine/ No optimum time/ for commenting on haters and how I grind/ No or how every chicken I stick is a double dime/ No or how I’m kingpin c.e.o. of major crime/ it’s all touch back/ get on your knees when I clutch back/ ballistically storming towns like niggas that’s toting rucksacks/ naw that’s reserved for that fool that thinks he can spark/ dare them to cross the one dimensional mark/ my skills is continuously enhancing/ I’m out of control like dark energy driven expansion/ my compositional status is ridiculous/ antithesis of everything ficticous/ and sicker than every injustice written in Leviticus/ vociferously roasting ya/ I’ll laminated chest poster ya/ explode like a pissed of furian getting close to ya/ lyrical rendition of Hiroshima/ Fukishima earthquake core reactor overture/ what I’m compared to/ nothing that you can prepare for/ Nagaman got a flare for/ kicking the illest shit you ain’t aware of/ something you should fear Eric Northman in your mirror/ just to be clear/ you’re unaware/ that I’m bout to bite/ these so called emcee niggas is smelling like light/ got a long whiff of that seeping through their melanin hyped/ and gassed up mediocrity is what I see/ I’m leaving no time for you to get to where you store your heat/ my spitting leaving these niggas paler than Stoya Heat/ lyrics on point no matter how you deploy the beat/ musically equal to rude/ bully on the mic to opposition eating your food/ and its all respect after the cipher I’m keeping it cool try to sneak attack cheap shot you still losing/ I’m sonically congruent to power from cold fusion/ don’t play this to loud you’ll get a contusion/ its fair warning I’m just warming/ when I storm In I’ll destroy you clean/ nigga lip to brain emergent property is trinitrotoluene/ gamma ray to inf beam/ die with your mouth wide/ die crying nerd subtitle dihydrogenmonoxide/ cause the fire I spit strips the oxygen from the air/ yea I know it fair/ what I create in my grey-matter complex/ compose a process/ to open a portal to an adjacent dimension and discard you there/ these rappers are sans sense like the tale of adam and eves son/ if wifey was from nod where in hell did those people come from?/ Disband bad logic/ wherever I scan stop it/ full throttle magnet on pedal metal for floor rocket/ I’m a lyricalholic/ not anonymous/ I’m Gifted and Anomalous/ a cold Genius Assassin/ to every rapper I’m trashing/ these limbic brain emcees aint in my class/ I’m warping the curve just to far (high) no chance for them to pass/ lyrical domestic terror in a Guy Fawkes mask/ the explanation for that carnage when I pass/ you walk on glass/ so tread softly/ your rhymes is hard as the cranium of mr. softee/ it takes a sub orbital nuclear missile to off me/ and that’s too costly/ cause all ya’ll fools can afford is bb’s/ your c.d.’s/ is weed tables and the booklet back and cover is T.P./ I hope you able to keep up most is lacking the faculty/ and that’s directly correlated to how many rappers spitting fallacies/ no need for one to vouch for G point A dot/ Alona Naga spit proper don’t stray in my spray lot/ these niggas as real as them fables authored by Aesop/ G.A. stop please/ only heard by the trees/ and their snitching is a no no/ no talking no Frodo/ so stopping Nagaman is a no go/ this here is just a promo/ Alona go go go gadget Nagaman just getting rolling/ orchestral crescendo gallery extolling/ super Saiyajin power up batteries exploding/ volcanic environment mountains turn to molten lava/ turbulence point of reference dwarf under a helicopter/ I’m talking about a Gatling gun when my spits compared to a chopper/ fuck the onamonapia you’ll hear that shit when I pop ya/ reload while I chin check ya/ double over like you on a pilgrimage in mecca/ p.h.d. in emcee I’ll spit up a lecture/ fuck cruce the only If-I/ Naga Identifies/ with is electra/ whats the matter sir/ can’t talk with just your maxilla/ bone collector bars and jaw shatterer/ instrumental batterer/ is the niche I hold/ I’m breaking the mold/ intelligent writer to cool/ your style is old school/ lyrical bill maher I’m tossing out the old rules/ I’m talking about my tongue and lips when referring to pro tools/ pick sickle shovel digging a hole for you/ I roll thru/ Solo with no crew/ flower power super Mario van peebles/ I’m injecting arsenic in your veins I’m too lethal/ the disassembler of all parity/ me versus them equals hilarity/ as atomic AS enters your capillaries/ more pure than the cocaine these rappers claiming they carry/ by far my bar for bar skills classifies murderous grimey/ my tablets a death note my pen is the shinigami/ an army of T3 civilizations couldn’t stop me/ improperly encroaching or approaching upon my genre/ I’m toasting IMO that’s a disrespect emcee dishonor/ goner you are burning like gonorrhea/ E-V Iserate these effing peons/ only option I can Isolate the mission I be on/ every second on this space time plane/ increasing entropy making sure that nothing remains the same/ you dream of blowing up with piped shit/ I come thru deadly and steady emptying mic clips/ I’m red lining on my rhymes skill no matter the cost/ I’m what happens when immoveable object meets unstoppable force/ you’re like a traffic cop in a prius stopping a porshe/ or a mail room clerk trying to fire his boss/ I’m bout as common as a c.f.o. with tight plaits/ the fire I spit will turn an ocean to salt flats/ fall back I’m all that and then some/ you just do what your masters say you modernized bensons/ they don’t know who G.A. Are Why?/ I’m that guy/ that spits harder than the core of a carbon star high/ as an unidentified light in the sky/ and fly/ and could give a flying spaghetti monster about fashion/ I’m focused on toasting walking corpses I’m out blasting/ like who wants it next/ I’m lyrically sicker than a rich free warren jeffs/ vernacular chef/ grizzly in the chest/ assist field left/ control of the breath/ master level mind right hand left/ Teflon strong as a tiger palm/ the summery of fears of naked skin and napalm/ face palm to ignorant doubters/ with your fucking keep running your should shut up your mouthers/ with your dial up rhymes on a wireless router/ I’m a T1 dedicated line to a house sir/ grandmaster level lyrical hacker/ delusional extranatural miracles cracker/ expose the weakness in your rhymes instinctive attacker/ beat jacker/ hip-hop toppled cross factor////